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I want to thank you again for your presentation on faith and hope.  You get an A+ rating for delivering a clear message that may change people’s lives.  I’ve been to a number of retreats, sessions, and classes and I put yours at the top of the list.  It reminded me how important it is to put God first in my life to bear the challenges as they come along.  I only wish I recorded the entire presentation to watch again and again.  Linda C., Randolph, NJ

What a great speaker you were last night and I admire all the wonderful things you are doing. Kathy G., Kinnelon, NJ 

You are really an inspiration! Linda M., Wayne, NJ

I continue to be in awe of how you grieve and continue to heal . Truly!! I do appreciate how deeply and honestly you share and am constantly amazed at how beautifully you handle Sammi (Mary’s younger daughter) – she is one blessed young lady!!! I do question God too and it’s wonderful that you give Sammi – and yourself – that permission. So many people go to their graves unable to do so and it can be freeing. Janice I., Sparta, NJ

You display courage to the point of humor in the jaws of tragedy. I hope Mary’s book has more in the process of bereavment. Jack D., Randolph, NJ

I wanted to tell you how wonderful the other night was! You are absolutely amazing :) – After I hear you speak I walk away with how can I not have faith or hope in my religion.  It was truly a great talk! Patti B., Wayne, NJ

Your presentation was phenomenal – very creative, captivating and hopeful.   Mary P., Randolph, NJ

Thanks so much for sharing with all of us last night….it was so inspiring to hear about this part of your incredible faith journey… are a rock…. I pray that some day I will have the ability to pass on as much wisdom as you did last night… Thanks for sharing this enrichment on Jesus’ Passion.  I’ll definitely use it.     Peggy W., Randolph, NJ

What a wonderful talk you gave at St. Matt’s last evening!  You really helped to offer perspective for the rest of us.  If only we learned to turn to Him when things don’t go the way we want/hope…Your message is so important.  And you’ve lived it (are living it), so you are speaking what you certainly know. Thank you for your candor, your openness.  We are fortunate to have you and your attitude at St. Matt’s, especially for our children. John G., Randolph, NJ

Thank you, Mary, for your beautiful talk this past Tuesday.  It truly was spiritual enrichment.  I left feeling my faith was stronger.  Look forward to reading your book. Also it gives me hope to know I can handle life’s struggles.  St Matthew’s is very lucky to have you.    Dolores F., Randolph, NJ

You are a beacon of inspiration for so many.  Yesterday’s gospel was about the “light on the lampstand”.  As Jesus said, a light should never be hidden, but put out for all to help see the way.You are that light and shine so brightly.              Peter C., Boonton, NJ

You are an inspiration to me each and ever day. I have been blessed by knowing you. Hearing from you has reminded me that there are very special people that can help just by their example of strenghth. Maria G., Wayne, NJ

Other’s may have walked this path, but they cannot express and share as you do..that is truly a gift..and now it is your calling to share. Cindy J., Wayne, NJ

You are so brave and unselfish.  Most people would just shut the world out, but instead you let us in through your writing.  Please know that your words are powerful and they speak to our souls. Rose M., Boston, Mass.

 I enjoyed Mary’s candid way of telling her story and using her faith and hope to remain positive. Bereaved Parent, Mendham, NJ

I’m looking forward to Mary’s book and website.  Deb T., Mendham, NJ


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